Celebrate With Flowers

Enhance your ceremony with the magic of flowers. We choose only the freshest and most photogenic flowers in creating unique and beautiful bouquets, boutonnières, leis, corsages, etc. We believe everything is possible. Our expertise helps in making that special day a dream come true in flowers. If you have a photo of what you'd like, email it to us and we will replicate it.

Tropical mix bouquets $155                            Heart shaped flower circle $100

Rose or stargazer lily bouquets $185                Loose petals $50

Fresh Flower Leis  $30                                     Head lei $50

Boutonnieres   $25                                          Haku $125                            

Corsage $50     

Tropical Mix Bouquets $155 Choose Your Colors.

Rose and Stargazer Bouquets $185 Choose Your Colors.

Ti Leaf Maile Lei Additional $70

Heart Shaped Flower Circle $100

Loose Flower Petals $50 per bag