Maui Love Stories: ”A Motorcycle Accident Brought Us Together"

Jacqueline and Tim met by chance on January 15th, and four years later they were married on Maui on that very same date.

"It happened when a mutual friend was in a motorcycle accident. Tim came to help his best friend during his recovery. I did the same thing (plus I wanted to make sure his dog was being looked after) and that was when I met Tim, we were instant friends.

Our friendship grew to a point where we did not want to be away from each other. Love had blossomed, and we knew we wanted to be married.

The big wedding with hundreds of family and friends was a bit too much as we had just bought a house together. I had always wanted to come to Hawaii and Tim agreed to bring my dream to life. Together we started to plan a perfect Maui beach wedding.

We looked at many websites for weddings on Maui and when we came across Maui Wedding Adventures, we knew this was the one for us, " said Jacqueline.

With the help of Maui Wedding Adventures, Jacqueline and Tim put together a beautiful wedding package complete with photography, video, musician, hair-and-make up services, and a gorgeous tropical mix bouquet.

"All of a sudden it was really happening, we were going to Hawaii to get married on Maui. Close family and friends were making plans to be there with us as well. I am not so good at making plans like this, and that's where Maui Wedding Adventures stepped in and really helped with everything. They gave us all the information we needed about obtaining a Hawaii marriage license, and picked the perfect beach for us."

Not everyone could afford to make the trip to Maui for Jacqueline and Tim's ceremony, so they decided to have a reception in the Summer to celebrate with family and friends. After looking at the different musicians available on the Maui Wedding Adventures website, Jacqueline and Tim chose 15 year old Anthony Pfluke to play at their wedding.

"We had requested Anthony to play Keith Urban's, 'Only you can love me this way.' I was a little worried about how it might sound on the ukulele, but Anthony played it beautifully. It was way better than I had imagined it could be. Then, we had a first dance on the beach that I will never forget."

Their Maui wedding video and the photo's help keep that day fresh in Jaqueline and Tim's minds...

"I just have to say, the hair-and-make up services were perfect. I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror, I thought, wow! Who is this person?

Tim and I are so happily married. I feel like I'm living in a fairy tale. He show's me every day how much he loves me. We love to watch our wedding video, and look through our Maui wedding pictures. They are so great because they allow us relive that magical moment again, and again.

We are already making plans to go back in 10 years to celebrate our vow renewals on Maui!"

Congratulations Jaqueline & Tim!! Love Always, Maui Wedding Adventures

Mahalo for reading! When planning your beautiful Maui beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, don’t forget to ask us about all the romantic things to do in Maui. We can easily direct you to the best activity companies, best spas, best tour guides and more. Just let us know how we can help!

For more information about Maui Wedding Adventures and our services, please contact, or call us direct at 808-298-2952

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