Maui Wedding Guide: How To Get Married In Maui

Check out our quick and easy, Maui Wedding Guide: How To Get Married In Maui. Yes, there are more details that can always be discussed and planned, but here are the 5 main steps to planning your soon to be fabulous Maui beach wedding.

STEP 1- The Marriage License

A State of Hawaii Marriage License is very easy to obtain. First, call the on-island agent and make an appointment to meet with them prior to the ceremony to pick up your license. 808-875-8459 (Kihei) or 808-276-6919 (Lahaina). Next, submit your application on line here. There you have it! That's all it takes to obtain a marriage license in the State of Hawaii. You're one step closer...

STEP 2- Find Your Perfect Maui Wedding Company

If you search for Maui weddings or weddings on Maui in Google or other search engines, you'll find that the amount of wedding companies on Maui is overwhelming. Get a pen and notepad, do some research, and make a list of your favorite Maui wedding companies. Next, you should definitely call them to get a feel of their demeanor towards their clients. Look for a company that meets or exceeds your needs, and choose the company that gets you the most excited for the most amazing event of your life! Then, go ahead and book’em!

STEP 3- Location, Location, Location

Maui beach weddings are the most popular choice when getting married in Hawaii, and for good reason. It’s not hard to imagine being barefoot in the sand, and hand-in-hand with the love of your life in a tropical paradise. With Maui Wedding Adventures, we prefer locations that are less crowded and more of a secret spot. Nice and soft white sand, turquoise blue Pacific Ocean water, Hawaiian flora and fauna, black volcanic rocks decorating the shoreline, swaying palm trees and a soft breeze. Now, that is how you get married on a beach in Maui!

STEP 4- Permits & Insurance

The State of Hawaii requires a beach permit and commercial liability insurance for beach weddings on Maui. We provide both items, and in fact they are included in all of our Maui beach wedding and vow renewals packages. So, with Maui Wedding Adventures guiding you every step of the way, you won’t have to worry about that.

STEP 5- Enhance Your Ceremony

Now that everything is in place and you are getting married on Maui, it's time to spice things up. Imagine a ukulele player singing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' as the minister pronounces you married on Maui! Or, how about a heart-shaped lei for the two of you to stand in during your vow ceremony? Add-ons can help turn an already amazing Maui wedding into the most incredible experience of your life! This is the only and best way to start your married life together!

Mahalo for reading! When planning your beautiful Maui beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, don’t forget to ask us about all the romantic things to do in Maui. We can easily direct you to the best activity companies, best spas, best tour guides and more. Just let us know how we can help!

For more information about Maui Wedding Adventures and our services, please contact, or call us direct at 808-298-2952

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