Maui Love Story: Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony on Maui

He told her it was a photo shoot…This is a lovely Maui Love Story about Rick & Sheila

25 years ago, Rick and Sheila pledged to love and care for each other in Marriage. Rick wanted to celebrate their Maui anniversary this year with a big he booked them a trip to Maui. After some more research, Rick came across the website for Maui Wedding Adventures.

"I called Michael Fish and told him I was surprising my wife with a trip to Maui, and Michael said let's do a surprise vow renewal ceremony on the beach, and really blow her away!” said Rick.

"When Rick called and told me about their love story, I knew this was going to be great. I explained to him exactly how we pull off surprise vow renewals on Maui, and he got really excited. Basically, for a Maui surprise vow renewal I have them tell their spouse that they've hired a photographer to do a photo shoot on the beach. We get the couple all set up with a couple of preemptive photos, and then we break the surprise.

Rick decided to add a musician to really enhance the experience. The moment of surprise was awesome! As I unveiled the surprise, our musician sneaked up filling the air with the sounds of the ukulele and a familiar Hawaiian song. Rick also wanted to add our popular Maui Vow Renewal Video Package #1, so I told his wife Sheila that we were going to do a video postcard while I was actually putting a microphone on him,” said Reverend Michael Fish.

With the help of Maui Wedding Adventures, Rick was able to put together a beautiful Maui vow renewal package complete with photography, video, and a musician.

Everything went as planned with Rick and Sheila’s Maui surprise vow renewal ceremony the moment they arrived on location to meet up with Michael Fish. Then, they started their beautiful Maui photo shoot. Michael broke the surprise, and timed everything perfectly so that the videographer could capture it just in time with the melodic sounds of one of our amazing Maui musicians in the background.

Without a doubt, Sheila was happily surprised- who wouldn’t be with such a romantic husband like that!

When we asked Sheila what she thought about the ceremony, she said "Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to say how incredible that was! My husband is such a romantic. I thought we were just going to get some pictures on the beach and the next thing you know I'm caught up in a whirlwind of love and romance and then I hear the music. He really surprised me and I love him so much!"

The Maui vow renewal video and the photo's will definitely help keep that day fresh in both Sheila and Rick's minds! Vow renewal ceremonies are always a beautiful experience, but add in a Maui beach with the magic that Michael Fish so perfectly creates for his clients, and you have a memory of love that will last forever...

Congratulations Sheila and Rick! Love, Maui Wedding Adventures

Mahalo for reading! When planning your beautiful Maui beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, don’t forget to ask us about all the romantic things to do in Maui. We can easily direct you to the best activity companies, best spas, best tour guides and more. Just let us know how we can help!

For more information about Maui Wedding Adventures and our services, please contact, or call us direct at 808-298-2952

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