Maui Wedding Musician Highlights: Oren Masserman

Here, at Maui Wedding Adventures, we are so proud and honored to be able to offer live music as a Maui beach wedding package add-on. One of our many talented musicians is Oren Masserman, a musician since childhood. Some of his earliest musical memories include listening to the Beach Boys and Israeli folk music with his parents. At an early age, Oren remembers looking for anything he could find around the house to make a beat from; pots, pans, water jugs, you name it! With a childlike musical prodigy aptitude, Oren’s journey as a musician has been one that is as deep as his being, ever evolving.

"I feel super blessed to be able to play music for a living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have played music all of my life. I love that when we show up for weddings, the clients are so excited to see us. We really want to be a huge part and accompaniment to their big day, and I try and immerse myself and my music into that moment. And the best part is that I get to create the soundtrack to their special day..."

(Oren Masserman, 2016)

Born, and raised in Southern California, Masserman has always found comfort and solitude around the ocean and coastal cultures. This is just one reason why Oren is such a famed Maui musician, and why he has integrated so well with the Maui community. He actually understands how the energy of island life can influence greater things, and this definitely adds value to his professional talent. Not only does he have the incredible musical talent for being a Maui beach wedding musician, but he also has a true love for the ocean, or as we call it in Hawaii, the makai. Living in Maui has not only strengthened Oren’s appreciation for music, but it has also allowed him to grow as an artist. With experience playing at private Maui beach weddings, local venues and alongside Grammy award winners, the sky is the limit for Oren Masserman. He is inspired by many things including island life, travel, surfing and sailing.

To have a musician play at your Maui beach wedding is always magical. To experience the connection that Oren has with his music- and the power of it's love takes everything to a whole new level. Oren has a natural gift and for him to share that with so many is the gift that he gives to all of us. Getting married on Maui is a dream come true that will never be forgotten. Adding a musician like Oren Masserman is a genius idea. (Reverend Michael Fish, 2016)

When planning a beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, all clients have a particular idea in mind for the final output of their wedding day. If you’d like to get married in Maui with an awesome musician, and hope for some laid back and heart-felt tunes and lyrics, we strongly suggest that you consider Oren Masseman. We love him, and we know that he can set the perfect mood for you Maui wedding day.

For more information about booking Oren for your Maui beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, please see our Musician Page

Mahalo for reading! When planning your beautiful Maui beach wedding with Maui Wedding Adventures, don’t forget to ask us about all the romantic things to do in Maui. We can easily direct you to the best activity companies, best spas, best tour guides and more. Just let us know how we can help!

For more information about Maui Wedding Adventures and our services, please contact, or call us direct at 808-298-2952

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